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Arborist Pruner Climber, a Job, an Approach

State graduate of the Certificate of Specialization in Pruning and Tree Care obtained at CFFPPA of Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne), 22 years old, I created my business at the beginning of 2019.


I exercise my profession with passion, in order to meet your expectations as much as possible while giving my point of view on the health and aesthetic state of your wooded heritage.

I guide and advise you, in order to orient you towards the size or the most useful and beneficial operation for your specimen over time.


Even if I move upstream to see your tree and offer an intervention adapted to it, it is not systematic to intervene at time T. Some trees are doing well and in no way deserve the intervention of a professional. In this case, I would offer you advice for the future and suggest a possible later intervention.


I travel within a fairly wide radius around Aveyron, and sometimes even Occitania.


Do not hesitate to contact me for a quote or for any other additional information!



Regards Theo.

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