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Very specific sizes and actions ...

- Sanitary size: who says sanitary necessarily evokes the word health. Health does not necessarily affect humans, it is also present on the flora and fauna around us. Sanitary pruning aims firstly to rid the trees of part of their dead wood in order to avoid the introduction of xylophagous insects such as the capricorn of the oak or to achieve safety for surrounding users. In a second step they make it possible to remove certain branches having points of weakness, such as breaks, the presence of parasites such as mistletoe or certain lignivorous fungi.




Avant taille sanitaire et remontée de couronne



Après taille sanitaire et remontée de couronne

Soft and reasoned pruning consists in preserving as much as possible the aesthetic and physiological aspect of the trees. This practice responds to a panel of specific sizes, with the objective of preserving the natural structure of the tree, and making it perpetuate over time, while making it coexist with its external environment.

Taille bois mort Cyprés bleu

- Template size: it consists in making so-called adaptation sizes, in order to allow the tree to avoid external aggressions, such as injuries on low branches; these can be caused by large vehicles. It is also possible to achieve this size with a view to clearing buildings or any other urban structure, hampered or threatened by branches that are too low. We will then speak of crown rise.

- Size thinning e n practicing this size, I will intervene at the heart of the tree. More mainly in the crown, in order to make selective cuts following a high density of this one due to old inappropriate cuts.


These severe cuts cause great stress to the tree. To compensate for this sudden branchial loss, it will awaken a large amount of dormant buds, which by producing suckers, will quickly recreate the initial leaf mass. It is therefore essential to cut certain rejects, to avoid solidification faults as much as possible, but also to help the tree to leave towards a free, dis natural harbor.  


Thinning pruning is not only done on trees that have undergone inappropriate cutting. It is quite possible to achieve this kind of pruning on species never pruned. The goal is to optimize photosynthesis by reducing shading or to weaken the wind resistance.


Taille d'éclaircie et bois mort Cèdre de l'Atlas
Démontage Cèdre de l'Atlas

- Disassembly : disassembling a tree can be done for several reasons. Sometimes for health reasons; like dead, dying trees parasitized by fungi or insects. But also following significant damage such as road and wall uprisings.


Dismantling consists of cutting the subject in several stages, depending on environmental constraints. It is necessary to take into account the presence of what is below it like buildings and other surrounding infrastructure. But also think about its future and therefore its long-term development which will be either positive or negative.

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