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A passion, a profession, for your wooded

heritage !

taille douce chêne pubescent

Entre Ciel et Terre is a company based mainly on the respect of plants, more particularly towards the trees present on the entire surface of the hexagon.

Across the country, many of them are subject to severe sizes, both in our cities and in our countryside.


These so-called radical sizes often cause irreversible consequences and inflict significant injuries, which can subsequently lead to the implantation of bacteria or other organisms.


These foreign bodies will disturb the development and the immune system of the tree. They will weaken the latter which will be more or less rapid depending on the characteristics of the attacking organism.


It is therefore important to favor so-called soft or reasoned prunings as much as possible, in order to preserve the natural development of a tree. Adapting the size and providing optimal healing conditions will help him adapt to his living environment.



Any doubt about the health and reliability of your trees?


Contact me for advice, remotely or at home with a quote if necessary.

I will be able to make a fair and appropriate decision, based on the risks present.

chêne mort su pied
taille sanitaire Orme du Caucase
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